Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I feel like I am so busy all the time & don't really have time to breathe let alone get on here & blog. I go back to work next Monday September 14th & can't believe how fast 6 weeks flew by. I know that I am taking Brayden to work with me & am so excited about it but I am also starting to get very nervous about it...what if he doesn't do well there & I get no work done at all?? What if he disturbs everyone else in the office?? What then?? I guess we will just have to wait & see but I hope & pray that all goes well!!

Brayden had his 1 month doctors appointment on September 3rd & he checked out A OK! He is almost 11 pounds already & growing taller every day too. He is changing so much with each day that passes & we are amazed & in aw of him on a daily basis!

My best friend came into town from Boston over the weekend to meet Brayden & we had such a wonderful visit. She arrived on Saturday afternoon so we had Lance's mom & dad come over & watch the baby so that we could go to the airport & lunch before coming back to the house to watch football. I am so ready for football even though Georgia lost we are ready for the season!! Brayden wore his outfit in support of the team too!!

We all went to bed pretty early on Saturday night & then got up on Sunday & headed to brunch......we went to McCray's in downtown Lawrenceville & sat on their rooftop patio & it as such a beautiful early afternoon. The weather was perfect & we had an awesome meal!!

We left there & headed to look at Halloween costumes (I don't think that we will be taking Brayden trick or treating but Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year!!), Babies R Us & to the mall to walk around for a bit.....after all that running around we headed home to relax for a bit & then we were off to dinner to meet some friends at Monterrey (our favorite little Mexican place). The food was awesome as usual & Brayden slept the whole time. I think that we over did it taking Brayden every where on Sunday because he did not have a good night that night & ended up being a very bad early morning as well.

We had Lance's mom & dad coming over that morning at 9:30 to watch him so that we could head up to the lake for Labor Day a bit but both Lance & I were nervous about leaving him after him having such a bad & long night......but of course JuJu & PaPa were not having any talk like that & sent us on our way for the day.

Brayden did very well & we had a good time too. We called them every hour to check in & missed him so much. It was hard to be away from the baby for that long but it was nice to get out on the water with friends. We cleaned the boat & put her away for the summer, next year Brayden will begin what will be many years of summers on Lake Lanier....he is going to be a water baby for sure!!

We ordered pizza Monday night & I was asleep on the sofa very early. I forgot how much energy the sun & lake took out of me & after a long night the night before with Brayden I was just exhausted!! I took Danielle to the airport on Tuesday in the early afternoon & when I got home & focused on Brayden the whole day. We did tummy time & worked on getting him ready for his first night in his crib, we played together all day & it was a great (long) day just baby & mommy!! He did pretty good in his crib but we am just going to have to get used to the baby monitor thing....I kept getting up to check on him since he wasn't in his bassinet right beside our bed.

He did really well last night...he was in bed & asleep after his bath at 7:30
& didn't get up to eat until 12:30 so lance did that feeding & I did his 3:30 feeding & over all I would say that we had a very happy & successful night with barely any colic/belly issues. We will see how the day progresses but I am praying that Brayden feels good today & that his belly doesn't bother him too much!! I do have a call into the doctor though; he has had yucky eyes since Sunday & I am not sure if it is alergies (if he can even have issues like that yet) or if it is just another part of him not sleeping & the colic.

I hate that Brayden has been having so many issues with his colic & I really hate that there is not much that Lance & I can do for him. We feel so helpless when he is crying & fussing but we just hold Brayden tight & tell him how much we love him & we just hope & pray that it all goes away very soon.......our poor little man needs a break from belly aches & tearful nights!!