Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Future Soccer Star

Brayden has been in speech & OT therapy for a while now & one of the other moms suggested that we sign him up in a sport to help him learn to listen to other adults as well as to play with kids that he doesn't know better.  Being that at the time he was only 2.5 we did have many options but we did find Lil'Kickers & he is in heaven every Saturday since he started!!  Lil'Kickers in a indoor facility so we don't have to worry about the heat & also groups the kids by age so the class that he just finished & is starting today are both classes with a parent which is fun for Lance & I too.

He is not on a team or playing actual games of course but he is learning the fundamentals of the game while working on his motor skills, coordination & social skill which are all important for B's progression.  He has his moments where he just will fall to the floor & not want to do something but the coaches are great with the kids & encourage them to get up & at least try!!

Doesn't he look handsome in his uniform??

And here is the other benefit for him "playing" a sport...............he's exhausted when we get home!!!  That make this momma VERY HAPPY!!