Wednesday, June 27, 2012

She's Crafty........Well I'm Working on It Anyway!!

I have decided that since I have an amazing craft room (thank you boobala) that I am going to start using it to create all presents & cards here in the future.  I know that with 2 little ones running around that I might miss an occasion here & there but for the most part I would like to create & make sweet & also one of a kind presents for our family from the the boys.  I know that a store bought gift can be a great gift but when you make something special for someone & put some thought into what exactly that person might like then I think it makes that gift & occasion every better!  

I have a Cricut & am just getting into all the things that it can can create & if you have one you know that you can never know all that it does the it seems endless.  I have made a few things for myself for holidays & also made this for our niece's room for her birthday.......... 

& then made frames for the boys Grams & JuJu for mother's day.  I still have to learn a good bit but I like the way they turned out!!

I then got adventurous & made a frame/block set for the boys PaPa & Puddy for Father's Day.  I really loved the way these turned out & think that both Puddy & PaPa likes them too.  I really like the fact that they can change the blocks to show 6 different photos & thought the frame with the poem just made it even more special. 

I started a book for Lance & the boys for his Father's Day gift but have yet to take photos of it at this point nor it is up to date; I am still working on it but an anxious to show it to you all............I'm pretty proud of it.  I enjoy doing all of this so much & it is kind of like therapy for me since it is a time for just me, my thoughts & my glue, mod podge, photos & ideas.............