Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colton's Big Top Birthday Party

So Colton's party was on May 6th & I am just now posting about it..................I promise that I have not just been slacking I have really been crazy busy!!

We went with a Circus/Big Top theme & I think that it turned out pretty well.  I wish it would have been a tad bit cooler but overall I think that everyone had a great time & that fun was had bay all!!  Colton was the star of the Circus & enjoyed seeing friends from daycare as well as all the family that came.

I decorated every part of the inside & outside of the house that I could.  I didn't go overboard (at least I don't think I did) I just wanted it to look great so I did something in each room that would be seen. 

I wanted to do a candy table for the kids (& adults too) & loved the way it turned out. 

We also decided to just do a smash cake for Colton & then cupcakes for everyone to eat; I always worry that with so many people at a party someone or two people won't like whatever type of cake I choose.  Plus I really just enjoy baking cupcakes!! 

The only person that I wanted to enjoy the cake didn't even want to touch it though...........lil'booger wouldn't even try a darn cupcake.

We went with yummy food that you would have a the circus/carnival.  Hot dogs & Hamburgers with all the fixins, soft pretzels, chips, popcorn, snow cones & a few other little things here & there.  I did flavored water, sweet tea & lemonade for the adults & then juice/capri suns for the kids. 

As far as "things" to do we had games set up in the front & back yard & then got a huge jumpy thing with a slide.  Again I wish it had been a tad bit cooler & also that we had a bit more shade in our yard but the kids didn't seem to mind the heat one bit. 

I set up a place in the front yard for the smaller kids to play in; I put it where the shade starts to appear first & Colton & all of his little friends had a great time in there playing!

I think that my favorite part of the party was the photo booth; I thought it was cute to see everyone put on a prop or two & strike a pose plus I was able to print & give the photos to all of his friends at school with a thank you for coming note. 

I can't believe that his birthday has come & gone & he is now actually 13 months old.  My baby is now a toddler & is a hot mess 24/7.  He is into everything & thinks he can do everything that B can do.  I have said it before but Colton is a pure joy & is loved by all.  He & Brayden are so fun to love & raise each & everyday & (I know they are mine but) the are the best 2 boys in the world!!!

Here are just some random photos from that day; just because............

(I forgot to even put this on Colton that day)

Cousin Cooper trying to eat photo of the two of them by far!!!