Monday, June 11, 2012

12 Months Old

This big guy turned one over a month ago & I have been a bad mommy & not posted about it is crazy with 2 little head strong guys running around this house & even though I wouldn't change any of it for the world some days I could use about another 3 hours in the day to just sit & collect my thoughts!!

Colton is a pure joy, he has the best laugh & smile & he shows them all the time.  He is a carefree little guy 98% of the time but the other 2% is complete breakdowns because I am late with his food..........HE LOVES FOOD & I best not be late getting it made or else.  He eats anything & everything; he is leaning away veggies at the moment but loves fruits & anything that has pasta in it is heavenly to him.

He has so much energy & thinks that he is a big as Brayden & can keep up with him; he even thinks that he can run like his big bro but he has the bumps on his head that proves he is still a bit wobbly in the running department.  He is in 18/24 month clothing & wearing a size 4 shoe..............I have a crazy suspicion that he is going to be a BIG BOY.

Colton is a mommy's boy most of the time but it seems that when daddy walks through the door I become chopped liver.  Lance has such a crazy work schedule & with Colton going to bed at 8pm he doesn't see Lance for more that 30 minutes a day so he makes sure that when he sees him he gets all the loving he can.  Our poor little guy has actually been under the weather for about a month with an ear infection that he just couldn't shake but he is better now & getting back to his old cheerful self!!

He is talking & babbling so much; he has still not said momma but says daddy, no-no, yes, point to shoe & tries to say it & says juice.......kind of.  He really just bangs on the fridge saying something that sounds close to juice until I get it for him!!  He is in the 95% percentile in height & weight; he weighs 24 pounds & it 31 inches tall.  He really is such a big little guy.............Lance is hoping he'll be a linebacker.  He loves, loves, loves to be outside & prefers to be there more than inside or anywhere else.  If he sees me let the pups out he'll start running for the door wanting to go too & if he doesn't get to go lays on the floor throwing a fit.  He is pretty good at the fit throwing at this point.  He is testing he boundary's & limits a good bit but will hopefully learn mommy is the boss & not him.................RIGHT!!!!

The boy doesn't sit still & loves to copy everything that B does (so we are in trouble).  He loves Brayden so much & follows him around where ever he goes.  B calls him baby & loves him too but of course doesn't want him to touch his stuff!!  Colton lights up the room & our hearts each & everyday & he is just a true & pure blessing to our family.  He is growing up & changing so fast & it makes me sad as much as it makes to smile & happy.

Here is Colton a few days after he was born laying on the same bear.............tears at the difference & at the fact that he is no longer considered a baby but a toddler!