Friday, June 29, 2012


I couldn't be more excited to tell you all that I have begun a new adventure in my life & it is not one I ever saw myself doing.  I have become apart of the It Works Team & am thrilled to death about it!  I have never thought of myself as a sales woman but I truly believe in this product & the results really do speak for themselves.  I was hesitant at first about trying a product like this let alone selling it but once I tried it myself I was all in.

The product that I am talking about is an all natural wrap that tones, tightens, & firms your body within the first 45 minutes of wearing it & it one of many of the products that are on my It Works website for sale.   Similar wraps are done at spas in my area starting at $150 for one wrap at their location; ours are $25 for 1 & $59 for 4 & are done in the comfort of your home.  When I personally tried it I lost an shocking total of 4 inches from my midsection & can't wait to do my thighs!!  I see it as an alternative to the growing trend for more drastic measures like plastic surgery or constricting shapewear.

It is not a replacement for the gym or exercise all together BUT it is a way to jump start yourself into a life & future of healthy living since we encourage & promote a healthy lifestyle with each & every product we offer (the looking good part is an added bonus)!!  It is not a wrap that just makes you lose water weight & you regain the inches after having a glass of water or two.  The inches that you lose over the course of days that follow are obtained will last with a healthy diet & lifestyle.  This loss is introduced at the celluar level through detoxification, micro-circulation, & lipolysis & is a permanent effect of the treatment.  By permanent, I mean it stays off like you have exercised it off.  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged & the It Works products (not just the wrap) can design a program that fits you.  We have a program called Fit Works & it works off of food thermogenics; it teaches you what food pairing go together to increase the metabolic reactions in your body!!  

Here are some photos of the results that can be had.  
These are NOT photos of me they are of clients that have used the product.

As you can see it can be used in so many different places on the body with the same results each & every time.........LOSS OF INCHES!!  It can be used by anyone that wants to tone, tighten, firm & detoxify their body.  I honestly wish I would have had this after both my kids were born.  I have seen photos of women that are only about a week postpartum & their results were UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I am excited to be a part of the It Works family & I am even more excited to share it with each & every person I can so I am going to GIVEAWAY 1 WRAP to one lucky winner.

The 2 Ways to Enter Are As Follows:
1.  Follow my blog & leave a message telling me you do
2.  Go to my It Works website; leave a message here telling me one product (other than the wrap) that you are interested in or want to know more about.

It is that simple!!  The giveaway will close Friday July 6th at midnight.  Good Luck.