Sunday, July 15, 2012

14 Months Old

I missed his 13 month update (I know I suck) but am going to try to do better at Colt's monthly updates since I NEVER missed one of B's.  

Colton is a literal mess.  He is all over the place & into everything all of the time.  He loves to open & close drawers & happens to get his fingers caught in said drawers at least once a day.  When he gets hurt he milks it for all it is worth.  His fake crying is pretty good for a 14 month old (B taught him everything he knows).

He watches B like a hawk........still...........& is picking up & learning everything bad that B does.  He loves his big bro so much & just wants to be like him I guess.  They already fight with each other over toys, books, mommy; you know everything & they even smack each other which we are working on stopping ASAP. 

I think that Colt is in the process of getting every tooth in his mouth cut but is handling it pretty well.  He is grumpy but not as grumpy & fussy as I would expect him to be.  He tries so hard to be in such a good mood but with all the drool coming out of his mouth I think sometimes it's hard!!  

He loves when I sing to him & really loves when someone reads to him.  He will clap his little heart happy when ever he hears "if your happy & you know it".  My song with both boys is "you are my sunshine" & when I sing it both boys will come sit right next to me & cuddle heart melts every time!!

Colt has a size 4 foot already & is in 18 month clothing & is just a big boy.  Lance says he's going to be our linebacker & B our quarterback (a father's football fantasy I guess!!).  He goes in for his 15 month check up next month so we'll see what his weigh is then but I think he's around 26 pounds; whatever he is, he is HEAVY!!  He was sleeping in until around 7-7:30 before the teeth issues began so now it's restless nights & early mornings. 

The boy eats just about anything & wants to eat anytime someone walks into the kitchen; it is crazy but he will bang on the fridge & pantry doors if you walk in there & don't give him something!  He is the child who is going to eat us out of house & home!!  He is talking up a storm too.  He says nana (banana), dada, no-no, down, yes, ju (juice), has only said momma clearly once but it was so sweet sounding, ma (more), papa (once), ba-ba (bye-bye), hi (he waves too) & there are more but I can't remember what right now (I need to write them down & keep better track).   He sleeps with his Mickey Mouse & blankie & likes to carry them around just like his big bro.

He loves to be outside & LOVES to play in the water.  His little cheeks turn so red but he just runs around like a little terror.  He is so funny to watch because he thinks he can run really fast & he just giggles & laughs while he plays.  He (& his brother) are absolute perfection; don't get me wrong my kids do not act perfect (by any means).  They fight, throw fits, cry, yell, scream, hit, make messes, get into EVERYTHING all the name it & they do it BUT they are my kids & even though they do wrong they are PERFECT!!  They have so much love to give & share & their cuddles are AMAZING!!  They are going up faster than I would like but it is fun to watch them do it!!

Ask me how you can get results like these!!