Monday, July 2, 2012

It is HOT, HOT, HOT Outside!!

So we are staying cool by playing the the water each & everyday.  The last few days have been so hot though (102-108) that we have been waiting until around 6 to even step foot outside.  Maybe I am getting old but it's hard to be outside when it's that warm; the boys will be red faced & sweaty & as long as they have their juice they want to be outside 24/7!!

We had a Slip N Slide last year & B loved it & since Colton is able to play on it now too it is twice the laughs for us.  They don't slide really they just walk on it & fall.

B needed a water break............ 

B liked his John Deere Gator last year but LOVES it this year; he thinks it's the neatest thing to drive "baby" around in it. 

Colton wants to do whatever & go where ever B is; but B has different ideas about that.  


We are enjoying the summer & doing everything we can to stay busy & cool.  I hate to think how hot this summer is really going to be since it really just started a few weeks ago!!