Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another 1st for the Boys!!

The boys had their 1st adventure on the boat 2 Sundays ago & even though it started off a bit rocky it ended PERFECTLY!!

When we got the boys out of the car to put their life vests on they both had melt downs.  The tight & constricting feeling was what bothered B & what bothered Colt was the fact that B was screaming at the top of his lungs to get his off so Colt wanted his off too.  I just walked down the ramp & all way way around the dock to our boat (which of course just so happened to be in one of the furthest slips) holding a screaming, kicking & yelling B that was trying with all of his might to rip his life vest off.  I finally got to the boat where he again was very upset & nervous BUT he finally calmed down once we started moving & the rest was perfection!!

This little guy had no fear of anything that was happening.  He was walking around on the boat like it was land! 

We finally got to a calm place & B was ready for the water.  He didn't ever get far away from the ladder but had a blast jumping in & out. 

The water was pretty rough so we didn't let Colt get in & he was fine with just watching anyway!

Plus he got time with daddy!! 

We had a great time & I wish I would have packed their lunch so that they could have stayed longer.  Honestly I planned for a very large disaster & really was pleased with the whole morning! 

The boys went home with JuJu & PaPa & Lance & I stayed on the lake & had a little alone time.  It was the best day & I can't wait to take them again!!