Friday, July 6, 2012

The Place to Be.

We went on a play date & found a new park that the boys LOVE.  It is set up better than the one by our house because it is made for both B & Colt but not too big.  The one by our house had parts that B would get daring & venture towards but would then get scared because they were that big.

He is a little dare devil most of the time but I guess even he gets a bit frightened sometimes.

Colton always plays for a bit but then has to jump in his stroller for a pick me up snack.

This is Livi; she is a tad bit older than Colt & they are cute together when they play.

It has been A LOT to hot to be there here lately; we were going right after the boys woke up a few days but then it was even too hot then.  Maybe it's me & they really don't feel the heat but they sure look hot with their cheeks all red & hair soaked with sweat.  We will have to get back there very soon since they love it so much!!