Tuesday, March 17, 2009

21 Weeks Along......

So today I am 21 Weeks along.....woo hoo! I am starting to feel little Brayden moving more & more everyday. We have ordered his furniture & it should be here in about a week & I can't wait to see it all set up in his Bulldog room! We have registered at BRU & Target & I finally feel like everything is coming together & getting done.........now if I could only stick to my workout routine I would be 100% on top of things. I have made myself a promise to work out 5 days a week to get my stamina & breathing up & better & ready for all the pushing I am going to be doing in 19 weeks. WOOH...only 19 weeks until we meet Brayden & I can't believe it!

Your Baby This Week:
Your baby weighs more than 10 ounces (.28 kg) and is slightly longer than 7 inches (17 cm), which is about the size of a large banana--but what a personality! The rapid growth phase has slowed, but organs and other body systems continue to mature. The swallowing reflex is in full swing and your baby will begin to "drink" amniotic fluid, which helps his digestive system to develop. Your baby's oil glands are also starting to produce a waxy substance known as the vernix caseosa, which soothes and protects his skin in the amniotic fluid. And the buds for permanent teeth are forming! There's no smile yet, but that'll happen sooner than you think!