Monday, March 23, 2009

Doctor's Appt Last Friday; 21 Weeks Along!

So I had to go to the doctor last Friday, March 20th, so that my mid wife could go over all the information & test results that were done at Dr. Hamners office the week before & I got to here Brayden's heartbeat again & I just lost it; I feel so blessed that God has given us such a wonderful gift. I really do thank God everyday for the life that he has gift Lance & is just so wonderful...not to mention the fact that I have been blessed with an easy pregnancy so far (keeping my fingers crossed that it says this way all the way through delivery). Anyway....Dr. Alverez said that Brayden's heartbeat is strong & everything looks good....she also said for me not to stress out about the placenta previal; she said that since it was such a small portion of the placenta in the way that I had nothing to stress about at this point & she is 95% sure that it will move out of the way ( I am praying everyday that it does....I DO NOT want to have a c-section!).

OK, I stated above that I have had an easy pregnancy & I really have but I do have to admit that my hormones are making my emotions CRAZY! I am getting emotional about just about everything these days. The emotions that I feel are taking there toll on me & I am just hoping that they pass soon!!