Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yesterday Was Quite A Day....

Brayden had a good day here with me at work EXCEPT for the fact that he had to work on getting a poop out ALL DAMN DAY & it wore him & me out!! He was straining to get it out starting about 9 yesterday morning & didn't stop (on & off) until we got home last night at 5. I felt so bad for him; he would eat & then doze off for about 30 minutes & then just lay there (I love to watch him on the video monitor) & roll around, grunt, push, kick his name it our poor little buddy tried it to get the poop out :) Finally, he did & then he was just grumpy & wanted to sleep but couldn't so I did bath & dinner for him early & rocked him for an hour until he finally closed his eyes & they stayed shut & amazingly enough he slept all night. I woke up at 3 & rolled over to see what time Lance got up & fed him & he wasn't in the bed so I got up went to check on the baby (he was still in the same position I laid him in the night before) & then went to look for Lance. Poor thing he was on the sofa because he had a stomach ache himself & he didn't want to wake me every time he got up to go to the bathroom (so sweet)......I told him he was having sympathy pains for Brayden!!

I asked him what time he ate & I couldn't believe I slept through him crying & Lance said "he hasn't eaten or woken up all night, but I have checked on him a bunch & he is breathing so is that alright that he did that?" First of all I busted out laughing at what he said & then I kissed him & said yes, it is fine that he slept all night because he was just tired from yesterday. Lance is too cute sometimes!!

I am happy that the baby got some rest but it stinks that Lance didn't. I slept hard last night but am still so tired today. I love having Brayden with me at work but I am still getting used to juggling work & him throughout the day. We are going to get it down packed though & when we do everyone watch out :)