Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

I was so worried about the weather yesterday & got myself all in a frenzy for nothing!! I know that there were areas that were really bad but my route home up 85 North wasn't bad at all...not really with rain or traffic so I have no pictures of things I saw but these are some from the surrounding areas!! The traffic probably wasn't bad because a bunch of offices & schools closed early but the rain seemed to have slowed the closer I got to the house. I think that Brayden loved the rain I put his car seat in the car & he was out & slept the whole way home which was a blessing.

We got home though & I put Brayden in his swing (& he actually didn't really cry much) so that I could actually eat something.....I had a 2 cups of coffee for breakfast & all I had time to grab was a slim fast shake at lunch so I was starving by the time I got home. I ate, fed & played with the puppies & then got Brayden & we did our daily tummy/play time....he is so alert & loves to talk now. He smiles, laughs & squeals when we play & I think he is starting to understand that when we say Brayden we are talking to him!! Watching him grow & change daily is more amazing than i ever thought it would be.....I LOVE being his mother!!

Brayden had his best day yet yesterday with me at work! I said a prayer on my way in yesterday asking God to help me not to get stressed since I know that Brayden can sense it & I am sure that it then stresses him out too & it seemed to help! We had a great day all around; Brayden did good on the eating schedule we are trying to get him on, he played in his swing for a whole 10 minutes before screaming for me to pick him up, he napped like a champ & when he woke up he would lay there, play for a minute or 5 & then doze back off. My little man did so well & I am so proud!! We are trying to get him on a feeding schedule so that his last bottle is after bath time around 7-7:30 so that way he is asleep no later than 8. We figure that 8 is a good bed time for him now & as he grows & does more as well....we will see how it goes though. He is only 7 weeks old & I laugh sometimes when I think that i am trying to tell & get a 7 week old on a schedule :) Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood; I love every minute of it!!!