Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Best Feeling In The World....

happened yesterday when I got home!!! Brayden smiled when he saw me; he knew me & was happy to see me!!!

Brayden spent yesterday with his daddy & I missed him so much; I did get a lot accomplished at work but it still wasn't enough to occupy my mind because I thought about Lance & Brayden the whole day & just wanted to jump in the car & go home to them!!

Lance & Brayden had a great day together; it was only the 2nd time that they have had the whole day by themselves & they did wonderfully. Lance had a bit of a rough start because he was attempting to get Brayden dressed & fed so that while he napped he could get everything ready to head took a bit but he got himself, the baby, the diaper bag & the car seat in the car & they were off to lunch with JuJu & PaPa. Lance said that he was a bit fussy when he got to his mom's work but he fed him, Brayden visited with JuJu & PaPa, then they played for a bit & then it was nap time again & he napped while they ate & while Lance ran to Babies R Us & Kohl's. He was a good boy for his daddy & Lance said that it was the best day ever....EXCEPT I wasn't there (so sweet).

I got home at 4:30, walked in the door & they they were sitting on the sofa & they BOTH SMILED AT me....that's right my baby boy smiled when he saw his momma was home. It warmed my heart & I actually teared up. We played for a while & then it was bath time & bed time for baby Brayden & mom & dad not to long after that. We were trying to get him to bed by 8 every night but that is proving to be too late for him so we are now bathing & feeding between 6:30 & 7 & then he is down for the count. He got up last night at midnight so he slept for a good 5 hours & we are ecstatic about that!! He ate 6 ounces & was out again until 4:30 so he got another good 4 hours before we left for work. We are amazed everyday by him & thank God for all that he has blessed us with!!
I love these two so much!!

Brayden loves to stare at the ceiling fan so we thought we would check it out BUT we don't see what the hype is all about :)
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