Friday, September 25, 2009

And Brayden Has.....

Conjunctivitis...which is swelling, inflammation or infection of the membrane lining the eyelids........PINK EYE. Which in baby terms means baby is UNHAPPY & GRUMPY & has itchy eyes!! Poor thing was just rubbing his little eyes like crazy yesterday but the drops seemed to help & the green yucky mess in his eyes isn't so bad this morning!! I tell you what when he is unhappy he wants to make sure that we all know it!! Brayden hasn't had a good nap in 2 days so mommy has had a hard time balancing work & him & then at night he is asleep but moves around a bunch & makes all these grunting (for lack of a better word) noises that makes me wake up & go check on him. I hate that he has already be in the hospital once & now he has this.....I feel like a bad mom!! Oh yeah & Brayden weighs 12 lbs. & 9 ozs.....he is such a big boy!!!

But thank God it is Friday & I can spend 2 days pampering our little boy :)