Monday, October 5, 2009

2 Months Old & 2 Month Check Up.....

Brayden was admitted to the hospital when he was 21 days old so I have already seen what happens when you stick my little man with a needle so I was not looking forward to his 2 month appointment at all. I was so happy that Lance made it to the 10:15am appointment so that I would not have to be the one to hold Brayden while they did the shots; we went over all of Brayden;s measurements & then we were talking to the doctor & Lance told them that he needed to get his flu shot still & asked if he could do it then & there & the doctor said sure & said for him to go fill out some paperwork & then come back into the room & the nurse that does Brayden's shots would do his as well. So, Lance steps out to go do his paperwork & the nurse comes in a few minutes later with Brayden & Lance's shots ready to go....BUT Lance wasn't back in the room yet!! I had to hold his little hands & look at him while she stuck him 3 times in his chubby legs & it broke my heart!! His face turned red & he didn't breathe & let out his scream until she was done with all 3 shots & then Lance came back into the room.......booger!! Here is what his little legs looked like after!

I gave little man Tylenol right after his shots & he slept for most of the afternoon. We got home from work about 5 & I picked him up out of his car seat....he was fine, laid him down to change his diaper....he was alright just quietly fussing a bit, put him in his swing for a second so I could make his bottle & he whimpered a bit but was fine & then it happened I picked him up & cuddled him in my arms to feed him & I guess I squeezed his little legs & shouldn't have because he screamed bloody murder at that point. I mean his face turned red, he lost his breathe, & then when he finally let his cry out it was the loudest that i have ever heard him make not to mention that their were alligator tears running down his little cheeks. I started crying because I had hurt him & I couldn't move fast enough to grab the Tylenol out of his diaper bag & give it to him. He calmed down eventually but holy crap did I feel like a horrible mother for hurting him & letting the Tylenol wear off when he apparently was in pain!! He is doing much better today & he is his happy bubbly self thankfully!!!

Here are a few of his pictures I took of him on his 2 month birthday this past Saturday.........I just love him so much but I know that he is over the damn camera flashing in his face!!