Thursday, October 22, 2009


Brayden has still let the "big one" go yet but I think that the apple-prune juice that he enjoyed this morning is going to do the trick today...HOPEFULLY!!

Anyway on to my "BIG NEWS"; early this morning (about 1am) I hear Brayden over the monitor moving around & talking & then all of a sudden I hear music start to play as well.....I was half asleep so it took me a minute but once I realized what I was hearing I jumped up & looked for Lance & the pups (for a second I thought that maybe one on our dogs was in his crib...crazy I know but I was half asleep) in our room because WHO turned on the music if we were all in the bedroom sleeping?? WHO was in his room with him?? I threw the covers off, jumped out of bed & ran into Brayden's room only to find that he had scooted himself down to the end of the crib & kicked the aquarium music & light thingy on all by himself. I know what you are thinking & yes I am sure that he did it the first time but I sat there & watched him & when it turned off he kicked it back on little boy wanted to watch the darn fish move & listen to some tunes so he took care of it himself!!! Our little man is a genius to be able to do this at only 11.5 weeks of age right??

I am so proud of him......even if it was on accident!!!!