Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was nice....didn't do much really & I think that is what made it nice. Friday I got home from work & did my normal, Brayden's play time, bath, bottle, & then bed. Once he was asleep I curled up on the sofa & waited for Lance to get home from work.

Saturday I had a hair appointment so Lance's mom was going to watch Brayden for me at her house; I figured that it would be easier for her at her house since neither Lance or I would be around to control out crazy dogs!! So it was a crazy morning making sure that I had everything packed that he would need & then we were off about 8. My appointment wasn't until 10 but I wanted to make sure that he was alright when we got there & of course he was. I went to my hair appointment & was so proud that I only called 3 times to check in on him; the funny thing is the first time I called JuJu told me that daddy had already called to check stinkin cute!! Anyway, I got my hair done & then ran to the grocery store & dropped all the groceries off at the house & then headed to go pick up little man. while I was on my way JuJu called & asked if I wanted to go to dinner with her & her friends & of course I said I would love too.....should have thought about that one a bit longer!!

I got to the house & Brayden was on the play mat that she had for him just playing away....he was talking & kicking his little heart out & it was so sweet to see that different surroundings didn't bother him in the slightest. He dozed off for a bit & his JuJu & I were talking & she told me that he really didn't sleep that much throughout the day......this should have thought twice about taking him to a restaurant!!! We left to go to dinner & had to stop to buy a bib since he had gone through the 4 that I had packed him through the day but all the stupid store had were pink ones so I said not to worry about it (maybe another sign I should have thought about going). We got to dinner & Brayden began to get a bit fussy so I made his bottle & started to feed him; he was alright for half of the bottle & then he just lost it!! He was hungry but was so tired that he just got mad.....needless to say I left to get him home for some much needed rest.

He dozed off on the way home after some very vocally expressing to me how tired he really was. When we got home he was no longer interested in sleeping so we played for a bit & then I put him in his swing with the hopes that he would fall asleep BUT he was just happy & content talking & playing in it.....I think he was waiting for Lance to get home so he could play with daddy! Lance got home about 6:30 played with Brayden & then got him to bed & then we just cuddled on the sofa & talked. It was so nice & relaxing that I fell asleep by 8 & didn't wake up until Lance woke me to go to bed at midnight!! I checked on Brayden, crawled in bed & was out!!

I didn't wake up until 6am (which is sleeping in) when I heard little man on the monitor & thought that I slept thorough Brayden waking for his normal 3-4am feeding BUT I was wrong. He slept through the night...poor baby must have been so tired! I got up & got Brayden while Lance made his bottle & we all climbed in our bed for his feeding. Brayden ate & then fell back to sleep so we ate & then decided that we needed to run some errands. We decided to wait until Brayden ate again before we went so we wouldn't have a repeat of Saturday....

Lance & Brayden relaxing on the sofa after he these 2 sooooo much!!

While we were out we grabbed lunch, ran to Target & to TJ Maxx & can I say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the clothes for babies at TJ Maxx; we got Brayden the cutest Calvin Klein & Polo outfits for next to nothing!!

Lance had to run out & get his truck cleaned & get pumpkins so that we could get some pictures of Brayden with them; we were going to do the whole pumpkin patch thing but figured Brayden wouldn't care either way. We didn't do much else the rest of the day really, we just relaxed, watched football, Transformers (yummy Josh Duhmal) & ate.....I feel like I ate all day Sunday!

Here are a few of the pictures we took.....Brayden wasn't really in the mood for any of these so no smiles :(

I wish that we had one of the 3 of us together!!