Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor Baby Brayden....

Our poor little boy has just been having a time of it these days!! His colic has been gone for about 3 weeks now.....didn't want to post it & jinx myself though....but he still has what is now being called a "sensitive" stomach, on top of which I think he is getting a cold. I thought that bringing him to work with me would keep this from happening for a while but I guess I don't know anything!!

Over the weekend Brayden had a slight 99.5 temperature so we didn't really do anything other than grocery shop on Saturday & then Sunday we ran out for lunch but other than that we had a nice relaxing family weekend at home (Lance was off all weekend & it was AMAZING to finally spend time with just him & Brayden). Then yesterday morning I fed him just like normal.....burped him just like normal....& then laid him down for his early morning nap just like normal. But then NOT like NORMAL I hear him screaming all of a sudden & look at the monitor on my desk & see his face is wet & then run into the nursery & he has spit up so forcefully that it must have shot out of his mouth & because it was all over his face & under him!! I freaked out & picked him up & he was fine right away but holy cow.....I laid him on his changing pad to clean him up & he was smiling & happy so I calmed down & just went on to play & do his tummy time. I did take his temperature when I changed his diaper just to make sure it didn't change & it was 99.1 so it had gone down a bit.

We were playing on his mat & all of a sudden he projectile spit up again & this time it had a huge chunk of mucus in it so I freaked out, cleaned him up again & called the doctor's office so that someone can call me when they get in. In that time of waiting he ate again & spit up the mucus milk again, so I called them instead of waiting for them to call me & oh yeah took his temperature again it is has gone down & is completely normal by now!! The Kaiser advise nurse told me to make sure that he is sitting up more when I am feeding him & then prop him up for at least 20 minutes after each feeding from here on out.........nothing worked & he spit up mucus all day yesterday & there was nothing we could do for him! They told me to get pedialyte & give that to him when I got home in the hopes that it would calm his stomach but alas that did not work either but at least he spit up down my shirt that time & not on himself since I had just finished his bath & getting him in his pj's when I did the pedialyte!! The doctor said that I don't need to bring him in unless he seems dehydrated or his temperature goes over 100.5 but I swear he is getting a cold & sounds congested!

We decided to let him sleep in his swing last night & we slept on the sofa because we were so afraid he was going to "pop off/spit up" while we were asleep & we wouldn't hear him plus his swing keeps him a bit elevated so if he did spit up he wouldn't choke on it! I feel like a horrible mom being at work today & not at home with Brayden & Lance but I only get one day with out Brayden here with me & it is always a busy, busy non-stop work day; so on top of my busy work day I am having to deal with my exhaustion because all I did was stare at him last night to make sure he was alright!! I did ask Lance to bring him up to see me for lunch so I could see him & make sure that he is alright & so I could also give him some mommy love!! If I still think he sounds congested & is still rubbing his little eyes & nose on top of the spitting up I am going to call the doctor & tell them that they have to see him today!!