Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st Family Vacation - Part One

We spent last week in Santa Rosa Beach Florida (15 minutes from Destin, FL) for our 1st official family vacation & had the best time.  The weather was perfect & not too hot & because kids are back in school this time of year we had the beach almost all to ourselves.

We left on Sunday (the 11th) & returned that Friday (the 16th); we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on the 15th & the 16th was my 35th birthday but I didn't really feel the need to celebrate that!  We enjoyed each & everyday that we were there, ate too much food & loved every minute of the boys playing & was a week of perfection!!

The boys, PaPa, JuJu & I left around 10am Sunday morning so that we could travel while B slept; he didn't sleep long at all but we still only had to stop once & both boys did amazingly well.  Lance had to work so he was driving down when he got off at 5.  B was so excited to get out of the car & get into the elevator to push the buttons.  

We walked down to the beach & waited to see if it was going to scare him or if he was going to fall in love......

He was in love...........he had no fear of the sand or the water at all.  I wish he was a little bit more hesitant about getting into the water since the undertow warning was high but he wasn't so we just stayed by his side the entire week!

As B frolicked that first evening Colton & I spent some quality time together; he loved the carrier he used to despise & was quite taken with the birds, views & the sound of the ocean.

We went back to the condo to get bathes & get settled in for the night & wait for Lance.

Colton stayed up way to late & just passed out.

The boys slept great & the next morning they were up & ready to go; B enjoyed the view from the patio as we ate breakfast.

We went straight to the beach & Colton passed out........for a kid that doesn't like to nap he liked to do it at the beach!!

B obsessed over feeding the birds

& was in hog heaven the whole morning!!

We walked up & down the almost completely empty beach & just let B run free

He & Lance built sand castles 

& we attempted a family picture but as you can see the sad won out of us holding him.

We walked up from the beach & he wanted to get straight into the pool; again no fear even though he had no clue how to swim.

Colton sat in the shade & enjoyed some time in his walker playing.

& B started to learn to swim.

We went back up to rest & Colton & daddy enjoyed some time while B napped.

I of course took a bazillion photos so am going to post them in a few different entries to spare an overload.