Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 Years Old - Part Three - THE PARTY

We decided that this year we would have his party somewhere instead of me taking on the load of planning, decorating, cooking, cleaning, & doing the other million things that I would have wanted to do if we were to have it at our house.  I have to admit that with C joining the family & only being 3 months old it was the right decision for my sanity but I missed doing everything like I did for his 1st.

We had the party at Monkey Joe's & it was a huge hit with all the kids & adults too!!

We ordered his cake from Publix & the drive to Monkey Joe's wasn't far from the store but I guess it was so hot out the icing fell anyway.   B didn't care but I was upset that it wasn't perfect; I guess it still looked cute!

The b-day room.

B did this the entire time we were there; he would go up the stairs in one (& only one) of the bounce houses & slide down........over & over & over!!

I cut his head off in every photo :(

He would get out occasionally though to go play in the smaller jumpy with his friends.

He sat in his b-day chair for about a minute & that was only because he was bribed with M&M's.  He wouldn't eat anything & just wanted to go back out & play so we let him.

Monkey Joe came in for a visit & JuJu managed to get him to sit still long enough to get his shirt & he even gave him a hug.

We lite the candles & sang to him but he wanted no part of that & actually was afraid of the flames from the was a great party but B just wasn't really apart of anything except for the playing part.

Here are all the guys & there little ones; aren't they cute?

B was exhausted after 3 hours of playing & honestly I was too & I didn't even have to do anything (although I did play too).  We got home & opened presents; we didn't do it there because for one B was exhausted & walked PaPa to the door when he was ready & for two he isn't into opening them...........AT ALL!!

By the way; his "binky" will be exiting the house when we return from vacation.  I wasn't going to buy anymore but didn't want to try to get him to sleep in a strange place while we were out of town without it; maybe a sorry excuse but I want to have a good time while we are in FL & that means I need the one child that does nap to nap!!  I don't think we will have much issue with it going away since he has actually bitten a small whole in a few of them & does NOT like them with the whole.  He didn't take naps on the 2 occasions that this happened (& didn't cry or fuss about it either) but I am sure he would have eventually gotten used to it...........we shall see though.