Sunday, September 18, 2011

4 Months Old

Weight - 17 lbs. 1 oz. - 90%
Height - 26 1/4 - 95%
Head - 17 - 75%

Colton smiles the majority of the time that he is awake & even sometimes when he's asleep.  He honestly really is a happy little guy until he isn't & when he isn't he wants everyone to know about it.  He laughs this tiny little belly laugh that is just adorable.

We have started him on solid foods already in the hopes that it will help with the napping issues we are having.  He is still just cat napping here & there but I am still hoping & praying that we will soon get it worked out.  For his sake more than mine I worry about this; he is not well rested through out the day & by 5 he is just a mess & I just know that he would feel so much better throughout the day; maybe when he gets more mobile he will be more tired & nap or maybe he just isn't a napper...........I have no idea at this point.

He has eaten apples which he did not care for at all & the loved peaches, squash & carrots.  I have not done homemade food with him yet since we were on vacation last week but when what I bought is gone I will be making it for him!

He is 9 month clothing & I can't believe it.  He seems so much bigger that I remember Brayden being.  He is rolling over from back to belly constantly but hasn't quite figured out how to get back over just yet.  He talks/screams to get attention.  I have actually started to slowly put him in his crib more & more awake to let him sooth himself to sleep & although some days it goes very smooth & he doesn't fuss at all other days he wants no part of it.  For the most part he sleeps through the night but on the days when he doesn't nap after 4pm he ends up going down for the night earlier than normal & is up because he's hungry.........he has his good nights & bad nights I guess but I would say more good than bad.

He loves his fingers & gnaws on them all the time & also loves his chubby little feet; when I take his pj's off in the morning he gets this smile on his face & goes right for his little toes & holds onto them for quite a long while.  He loves to watch B play & run around the house & gets so excited when he comes over to "play" with him.  He loves his big brother very much already!

Colton Lee is such a sweet & loving little guy & looks just like his daddy!  He melts the hearts of everyone he flashes that gummy grin at & is growing like a weed.  He is precious & we are so excited to see what the coming months bring for his growth & development..........we love you big guy!!!