Friday, September 23, 2011

1st Family Vacation - Part Two

Doesn't he look like a Ninja Turtle??

This is the building our condo was in!

One of the very few pictures of the 4 of us together; Brayden doesn't like to sit still for anything.

Colton just hung out in his carrier each night for our after dinner walks on the beach

B has his hands up because it is part of the game that we we play with him to get him to listen & pay attention to who is talking to him........whatever works right?

I know I have said it before & I know that they are mine but goodness they are cute!!

Bath time for C while B was still on the beach running a muck

The sunset was so beautiful every night.

Thankfully there weren't alot of people staying in the building because B loved to ride up & down the elevator & in the lobby downstairs every night before bed & first thing in the morning too & when we would come back from the beach or pool or when he would wake up from get the idea!


On our way to eat at Tommy Bahamas

& what is right out of the back patio just for Brayden to play in???  Water fountains...........

We walked to the ice cream shop to get some dessert & B saw his reflection in the window & got so excited he danced

& there are still more photos..  Sorry for the overload but we aren't all 4 together that often & I went a little picture crazy!!