Saturday, September 24, 2011

1st Family Vacation - Part Three

I don't know if B had more fun or if Lance did; he works so hard & so much so that I can be home with the boys so this was a very special trip for him & the boys.

We ate so much food at every restaurant we ate at; this was Bayou Bill's

It really couldn't have been any better than this.........

We got the flash light out to show B how to look for sand crabs.

B chilled by putting his feet in the hot tub; he didn't want the jets on at all or to get in it but he loved to just barely dangled his soft little feet in it.

Thursday (the day before we left) we spent all morning in the pool & B was swimming the whole time & almost all by himself too.

I really have to get him in swim lessons this winter; I was going to do it last winter but didn't want to scare anyone by being pregnant & in a swim suit.

He was VERY tired & took the best nap of his life!!

Colton seemed to be pretty tired himself & Lance took that time to find out where we would be dining that evening.........he wanted to find the perfect place for our 4th Wedding Anniversary

This is where he decided we should go & it couldn't have been any better!!

It was the perfect restaurant on the beach in Destin & the had the most amazing atmosphere.

It stormed while we ate & made it even better since it was very open.

That night we took our last stroll on the beach with the boys, JuJu & PaPa

& blew bye-bye kisses to the ocean to say good bye.........until next year!!  We will be returning because it was the perfect trip at the perfect time of year!!

Thank you to JuJu & PaPa for taking us on such a very wonderfully amazing vacation!!