Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 Years Old - Part One - THE DAY

This post is also about a month & 3 days late.............BAD MOMMY!!

Weight: 28.4 lbs. (50-75%)
Height: 35 1/2 (75%)
Head: 19 1/4 (50%)

We celebrated B's birthday day just like we did last year; we took him to Chuck E Cheese.  He actually hadn't been there since his 1st birthday & it was great to see how he played a year later.

He actually wanted to get on the big games & even rode the thing above about 5 times & couldn't stop smiling.  Daddy played this silly video game with him & he was in love; just look at that smile!

He is obsessed with balls so it was no shock that he wanted to play basket ball when daddy walked over to it.  He actually walked around the whole building holding the ball for about 30 minutes.

He also loved the Skee Ball but as you can see he didn't want much help for anyone!

We asked for all educational presents this year & that is exactly what he received; we have been enjoying them all.  We asked for these because B is actually not talking much.  He was talking but has stopped & we are actually going back to the doctor in October to get his ears looked at & to also get evaluated for possibly beginning speech therapy. I know that they say boys mature slower & our doctor says that it really isn't anything to worry about because he is so intelligent is every other aspect of his growth & development but he is 2 & should be communicating via speech.

Brayden gets very frustrated very easily because he is not willing or able to tell us what exactly he wants when he wants it.  It is frustrating for him & for us to try to figure things out not to mention the worry I feel & have over this.  I think as a parent you are always going to worry about your kids but me, I worry about everything times 10 for some reason.  I worried when B didn't crawl & other kids did but then he decided that he was going to walk instead of crawling & my worry was gone.  With this though it is a whole different kind of worry; what if something is wrong with his hearing, what if there is a developmental issue, what if, what if, what if............Google is the devil & the things that I have read are SCARY!!  

I pray that is is just him being stubborn because his brother joined the family (that seems to be around the time he stopped talking) & that it is just speech therapy that is needed but if that is not the case than I pray for God to help us get through whatever is thrown our way!!

Brayden is a very independent & spirited boy; he is full of spunk, joy, & laughter & he makes me smile each & everyday!  

P.S. - I made cupcakes for his class at school & of course they HAD to be Toy Story!!