Thursday, November 12, 2009

ENT Specialist....

can't see me until 12/9/09....that's right almost a month away!! They did schedule an appointment for me tomorrow with the Audiologist to do some tests; BUT I am no supposed to drive myself to the appointment because of how I have been feeling!!

I asked the lady on the phone "if I am not supposed to drive when I feel this way & I am not supposed to drive myself to this appointment then why isn't that reason enough to work me into see the ENT specialist sooner that December 9th?" She said "oh they will if you test results from tomorrow are bad enough"......well thanks lady.....I guess I need everyone to hope & pray that they find something horrible wrong with me tomorrow so that I can see the specialist & get the answers that I need!

I am on the verge of tears & have been since I had this 30 minute long conversation with this woman to TRY & get an appointment. I feel lost & like I am falling apart....on top of the vertigo I did something to my lower back & can't bend over all the way or stand up straight without a pain shooting through the left side of my back. We all know that when you have a 14 week old little one there is no avoiding bending over or standing up straight so I have been dealing with this pain all being my nose my head taking care of worrying about my appointment tomorrow.......

Are we sure that today isn't Friday the 13th???? Why am I falling apart at the seams??

If it is not to much to ask of everyone please pray that I actually have good test results & that I wake up with no pain in my back! Thanks.