Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Catch-Up, & Still Busy....

I swear we have been so busy I don't feel like I can catch my breathe....BUT we are leaving tonight to go visit my mom & dad & we couldn't be more excited or need this vacation more. Grams & Puddy haven't seen little man Brayden since he was 2 weeks old & they are beside themselves with excitement that we are coming for a long weekend. We are going to do Thanksgiving with them on Saturday since we can't with with them for Thanksgiving & it is our year to be here with Lance's family for Christmas....that is going to be the hard holiday for them I think!! We are leaving tonight after Lance gets off work so the dogs & Brayden will hopefully sleep the whole is a 8-9 hour drive so keep your fingers crossed that Brayden does well on his 1st ever road trip!

I had 2 more tests done yesterday (they were awful) at the Audiologist & those results are going to be emailed to the ENT. That would be fine EXCEPT my appointment isn't until 12/6; so I have to call the ENT every day to see if they have a cancellation & can fit me in earlier. It is a pain in the ass to do but I really need to know what is going on with my ears, brain, whatever it is ASAP. I am not supposed to be driving at all until we figure out what is going on so I have to talk to my employers about that issue today. The doctor has also said that I need to schedule an MRI; I am not happy about this test for 2 reasons. 1.I am claustrophobic & the thought of being in a tube scares the crap out of me....I am sweating about it as I type! & 2.My sister has a brain tumor & that is the test she has to have every 6 months to see if it has grown or progressed. She has had it for 12 years & is in remission for the 3rd time so she is doing well for going through what she has gone through but it has been so hard on her & has effected her life in so many ways & I don't want to go through what she sounds awful but I don't!!

Brayden is doing so amazingly well & talking up a storm. It is so awesome to watch him & wonder what he thinks he is saying.....he also found his feet & loves to pull on them. He is doing great with tummy time & we are working on the rolling over thing everyday. His "your baby can read" cam in so we are going to start that when we get back from VA so I guess he will be talking in no time at all right?