Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween & Weekend

We didn't really plan a big Halloween this year & since it rained most of the day & night I am glad that we didn't. Brayden wore a halloween "My 1st Halloween" outfit & he did enjoy helping hand out the candy to he other little ones.

He was asleep for what I thought was going to be the night BUT Bella got scared by one of the costumes & started to bark & that in turn woke up little man & he was up until midnight with Lance. I had to go to bed & get some rest since I had gone to the doctor on Friday & I have vertigo.

I had been feeling yucky, foggy headed, & really dizzy all last week but just thought I was tired so just blew it off. I did take a pregnancy test on Wednesday...just in case but it was negative so I went back to the tired thing as the reason for the way I was feeling. Lance was off early Thursday night so we got Brayden down & then were just cuddling on the sofa & I didn't feel good at all. I had the worst headache & was super duper dizzy but didn't say anything to Lance because I didn't want him to worry well...he got up to get something looked at me & said I thing we need to take you to the ER I was shocked by what he was saying & he just said that I looked really bad.....he couldn't put his finger on what exactly looked bad or off BUT he said that I looked very weird; so I went to bed to get some sleep & hope it helped.

Friday morning I got up & was fine, so the morning went as usual until I went to put Brayden in the car & got so dizzy I had to grab the door handle to keep myself from falling. I went back into the house, yelled for Lance to take the baby from me & make me a doctor's appointment for me for first thing that morning. I went to the doctor & she said that it sounds like vertigo so to get some is over the counter. I looked at her like she was a nut job & said huh?? Over the counter medicine is going to fix this.....I don't think so, but I left went to Walmart & asked the pharmacist where the meclizine was & you know what she said......"the Dramamine is on isle 9".......MOTION SICKNESS MEDICINE is what I get?? You have got to be kidding me!!!

Anyway, I got it & it didn't help so now I am starting steroids (so thrilled about this) for the next 5 days & if I am still not better I have to go to the ENT specialist. I swear if it is not one thing it is another!

Sunday was nice, Lance's mom came over & we went out running errands & had lunch. It was a very nice & relaxing day except for the fact that I kept getting dizzy & couldn't hold the baby unless I was sitting down :(

On a happier not Brayden is doing wonderfully...he is such joy everyday & he just fills our hearts with love!! His smile is the best medicine & we are BLESSED!!!!