Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now He Loves Tummy Time....

Now that he has done the one roll over thing ONE whole time when I put him on his belly he is just fine. I have to admit that it has to be perfect timing or he will still get upset &/or spit up a profuse amount but non the less he is doing wonderfully with it now & I couldn't be happier about it!!

It is shocking to me that if Brayden doesn't like to do something how much I worry & fear that it is my fault & I am a bad mother because of it. I need to relax, take a deep breathe & realize that Brayden is fine & thriving, he is doing everything he is supposed to be doing & everything will come with time (he is only 3 months old for crying out loud)......that is Brayden's time of course because I have NO control on when or where he wants to do anything :)

Here is little man mastering tummy time......maybe roll #2 will be soon!!!