Sunday, November 8, 2009

Up At 4am On A Sunday.....

Poor Brayden had a hard early evening last night which turned into a long night for Lance & I. He is acting like his colic is back but I thought once it was gone it was gone........I guess I am wrong again!! I swear sometimes I don't think I will ever get the hang of this mom thing!

Thankfully, we are getting a Nap Nanny today for Brayden & it will help with the colic & gas issues that he has (I saw this on Derek and Stefani's blog & am just hoping it helps). I am sitting here watching our little man on his monitor...he is so precious & seems to be so uncomfortable. Why does his belly have to have so many issues? Why is the soy formula not helping? Does he really have a milk allergy?? I have so many questions & unfortunately there aren't many answers for me right now.

I know that these things are common with babies but it is so hard to watch MY baby be in so much pain & be so helpless!! We have family lunch today for Lance's mom's birthday & everyone is so excited to see him....I just hope that he is feeling better, that he has a good poop this morning (still having an issue with this), that his colic doesn't rere it's ugly head & that somehow we get a break from the crazy spit ups that have been happening again since Friday.

God please let Brayden have a good day...please ease his little belly so he can rest right now....please!!