Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I left work early yesterday because I was having a horrible day with the vertigo; after 5 days of steroids (took the last one on Monday) I was still having BAD dizzy spells & it was hard to work, take care of Brayden & try to not fall over yesterday so I just decided to head home!! I left at about 1 so I really didn't leave that early but anyhoo....I got home got Brayden & the pups settled & then decided that I should eat something since Brayden was napping & I hadn't had lunch yet! I go into the freezer to see what's in there...have a dizzy spell....& proceed to hit the side of my nose on one of the shelves of the freezer door!! No blood but the pain that I felt made my eyes water for an hour & the mark that is there today is so beautiful! Needless to say I called the doctor to make an appointment with the ENT specialist & you know what they told me?? They have to process the referral & it could be up to a week until that happens....WTF?? I am hitting my face on things because I am getting so dizzy & she wanted me to wait a week; I DON"T THINK SO!! I explained to the nice lady on the phone my issue & the fears I have driving around with my 3 month old in the car & possibly having a bad spell & she made my referral a priority so hopefully I will get into the doctor office today....HOPEFULLY!!

Thankfully it is Lance's day off so he has little man at home with is a nasty rainy day out & with my head the way it is I am happy that I didn't have to put him in the car with me!!! I am just praying that I hear from the doctor by 8 this morning (the time they get in the office) otherwise I will be getting a call from a very dazed, dizzy & foggy woman!