Friday, February 19, 2010

Crawler Covers

I have seen so many little girls wearing the most adorable leggings so I went on a mission to find B some manly ones since I loved them so much!! I went on Etsy (my new found love) & found Crawler Covers & More & they have boys & girls styles as well as bows, clips & headbands....for girls only of course :) I was worried about what Lance would say so I just waited for them to arrive & what do you know he had the exact reaction I thought he would......"They are tights honey & you are not putting them on MY boy!!" I told him they are crawler covers & they are for boys & he would be wearing them; he just gave me a look & said whatever BUT once I put them on Brayden he loved them!! I mean look at them on our son.........he makes them look good!! See he looks cute in them huh???

If I was giving an official review it would be this:
They are wonderful; they fit very well & don't slide down & that was my biggest worry & concern. I ordered 4 pairs & love them all; I ordered the infant size & once Brayden grows out of these (which will be very soon since his legs are so long) & will order him more in the toddler size!! They come in designs that are so adorable on boys & that is nice since it seems to be that there are more cute things like this out there for girls than boys & that just stinks!!