Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekend Review....a bit late!

Friday night Lance went out with some of his friends from work because they were celebrating the birth of Dusty's 2nd child; Wesley Phillip was born on February 4th & I hope I get to see him sometime soon :)

Saturday was a great day!! B & I got out & ran errands like we always do EXCEPT for this time he was a big boy & sat in the cart & NOT the car seat or his stroller........I was so proud how he did & only had my cell phone to take a picture of his accomplishment.
We got home from errands, B had his bottle & then we played until lunch time & then he had another great & wonderful accomplishment I put him in his crib with his paci, turned on his aquarium & noise machine...walked out of the room & he was out by the time I walked into the other room to get the monitor. He is doing great with napping in his crib & putting himself to sleep at night; our little boy is growing up & I don't know if I want to laugh or cry about it.

I worked out, got the laundry going, made our bed & then realized that he had been out for 2 hours & just then I heard him talking so I went in to get him & he was in the best mood so we played, took a ton of Valentine's pictures (I am making Lance & Daddy & Me shutterfly book for Valentine's & just hope it turns out), ate, bathed, played some more & tried to wait for Lance to get home but he didn't make it; he was acting like he wanted to go to bed early so I grabbed his bottle & he was out......Lance was sad but poor buddy was worn out from his BIG day. Lance stayed up & watched the UFC fight & I dozed off on the sofa only to be awoken at 11:30 by the screams of hunger.....maybe he going through a grown spurt because he has been doing that here & there for about a week.

Then there was Sunday, we were having some friends over that evening to watch the we had a lot to do to get ready!! Lance's mom came over to spend time with B while we did everything & that helped out soooo much!! We were ready for the game; we got balloons....

cupcakes were made....

we were dressed in our Colt's blue.....

& we were ready for our yummy fajita dinner; we made chicken, steak & shrimp fajitas & ALL the fixings & they were delicious!! After dinner everyone got settled in for the game & I got B ready for bed. I changed him from his Colts attire into his MVP football PJ's,
he watched the coin toss, kick off & then it was bed time for him. He went down like a champ & unfortunately so did the Colts.........what the hell happened Peyton?? all I can say about the game but I do have to say I loved the Doritos commercials this year & these two were my favorite!!

B got me up at 2am yesterday morning so I was exhausted all day & hated it because my momma & sisters came into town last night around 6. I am super excited that they are here & spending time with B; he is staying home from school all week to spend time with his Grams & Aunts...........I know he will love all the attention & time he gets with them!!