Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just A Small Vent........

I know that I am a new mother; my son is only 6 months old & he is my first child so I am learning as I go HOWEVER why do people still feel the need to tell me what I am doing with MY child is wrong?? People started doing this when I was pregnant & it would drive me bonkers then but now it makes me absolutely insane when people look at me & say "just let him cry" or "what are you doing that for?"........WHY do I have to let my son cry?? WHY is that the ONLY way?? WHY????

Brayden has been waking up a few times a night & we let him whine/cry for no more than 5 minutes before I go in, give him his paci, turn on his aquarium & then he quites down & is back asleep in no time at all. Yes I am tired but he is my son & I am there to take care of him & give him what he needs.....even if it is at 11pm, 1am & 3am. I don't mind doing it & I am sure if he could find his paci on his own he would but he is only 6 months old & I am his mother & I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!! I didn't ask for your advice........actually your rude ass started the conversation by telling me how tired I looked (FYI people don't want to hear that) & I just told you why I was a bit tired & you decided to then insult me again & make me feel like a bad mom by doing what I think is best for MY son!!!

People need to realize that we are all different & we all have different views & ways of parenting & just because my way is not your way doesn't make my way bad or wrong.........& that is all I have to say about that!!!