Monday, April 19, 2010

The "Big" Move!!

There is so much that I have to catch up on but the biggest things is our move; the move itself went really well BUT Brayden handled it better than I thought he ever would.  We started to take boxes over ourselves on Friday, April 2nd (since B was asleep I would load up one car & Lance would run that load over while I loaded up the other sucked but we got a lot done that way) & then got up really early Saturday morning because the movers were going to be at the house at 8 so we had to get B up & moving & then Lance had to breakdown our bed down as well as B's crib!  We moved on Saturday, April 3rd which just so happened to be little man's 8 month birthday so in between car loads & runs from house to house I took pictures to mark the day........I didn't get to get his usual rocking chair one since it was on the trunk 1st which ment it came off last & by that time I was pooped & I don't think my brain was really functioning!  These were taken 1st thing Saturday morning & the poor little guy had a hard night with his 1st tooth the night before so he had bags under his eyes but he was pretty happy throughout the whole day......we really couldn't have asked for him to be any better!!
The move took longer than we thought it would & we had to break out B's nap nanny that afternoon for him to sleep in; he doesn't really fit it but it worked for that afternoon & he actually slept through the loud movers!
The movers left around 2 & the unpacking began........thank goodness Lance's mom was here to play with B because I don't think that we would have even been able to get our room & his room ready for bed that night!!  while Lance put little mans crib together I took more 8 month pictures in our NEW HOME :)
I don't know his height or weight but will at the end of this month since we will have his 9 month check up; but he is wearing 9-12 month clothes..........he is pretty long so he needs the length of the larger clothes even thought the waists are big on him & anything with feet in it is a thing of the past, his little toes were getting squished up in them!!  He still wears a size 4 diaper & is just now getting interested in crawling; he will get up on all 4's & rock but thats about it so far.  He prefers to stand & trys really hard to pull himself up but can't quite figure it out yet.  He loves his walker & loves to run around our new kitchen & torture our dogs while they are eating (by the way both Bella & Georgia are doing great in the new home).  He is currently working on tooth #2 (I think) & loves everything I put in front of him.........especially chicken & rice :)  It seems that he is slowly becoming a belly sleeper which shocks me because he used to hate tummy time with a passion............I mean my son would scream bloody murder & cry to the point of a full on breakdown when I would even attempt putting him on his belly!  He loves his school very much & gets so excited every morning when he sees Ms. Estelle!  He reaches out for people now & loves to be outside!  He hasn't said anything other than "baba" but I think "dada" is right around the corner!!

Brayden is the most beautful & loving little boy & he just smiles & melts our hearts all day everyday!!  We are very, very blessed!!!