Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Review, Tooth #2, & So Much More.....

We had a wonderful weekend getting the house organized & finally putting things on the walls in the new house.  We are trying to take our time with the decorating aspect of this house & it seems like it is taking FOREVER; slowly but shirley things are getting hung on the walls, put in their place & it is looking more & more like home each day!!  I promise once at least one room gets fully finished I will start to post pictures of it all.

The best part of our weekend would have to be all the things that B learned, did or popped out.  In the span of last Friday to Monday (yesterday) his 2nd tooth popped through, he learned how to patty cake all by himself, decided that he can use his pincher's to feed himself, can drink from his sippy cup all by himself, can scoot himself on his belly all across the room (only backwards though), & only wants to walk when we go from room to room (holding our hands of course)!  I swear I feel like he became his own little person this weekend & soon he won't need me at all.

I knew that he was working on a tooth but should have know that it was coming VERY soon when Sophie became his best buddy again Friday night.  I noticed it had popped through yesterday when I picked him up from school & he now has his 2 front bottom teeth!

He has been working on the crawling thing a good bit for only about a week now & he really doesn't show much interest in doing it but he will rock on his hands & knees but usually gives up, lays on his belly & pushes himself backwards to get where he wants to go or to get his hands on the toy he is after!

When B first started school I went back & forth in my head about if I did or did not want his school telling us things that might be firsts; at first I didn't want them to tell me things because I thought that he would eventually do it for Lance & I & we would think he did his first whatever for us but I have changed my mind completely on that when I found out he had been feeding himself for over a week before he did it for us at home NOT TO MENTION drinking from him sippy cup by himself.  It is so neat to watch him do things for himself not to mention I now get to make him homemade finger foods!!

He learned to clap when we sing "paddy cake, paddy cake" to him & it is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my WHOLE life.  He gets so excited when he hears it & will sit & clap the whole time you sing it & I mean the whole time.........no matter how long you sing!!

Now on to the thing that makes me the most sad; he loves to do this (below) all the time& by all the time I mean when I am holding him he pushes me to put him down! 

He doesn't want to be held by his momma when we are at home anymore, he wants to walk like a big boy..........doesn't he know that he is still my baby & mommy needs more baby time with him??  Doesn't he know that he can't grow up this fast??  As cute as he is walking I still want to hold, cuddle & carry my little boy.........at least for a few more years!!

Oh yeah..........I almost forgot; Lance has to lower his crib tomorrow too.  I put him down in his crib so that I could get his bath ready & when I walked around the corner I saw his with his hands on the front of his crib up on his knees; I almost passed out!!  Slow down little man......PLEASE!!!