Friday, April 16, 2010

Clear & Critical......

Ladies I will finally have my internet back today; WOO HOO!  We decided to go with Clear & dump AT&T for everything except for Lance's IPhone.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the speed & service are good; does anyone use them?

Having internet back at home means that this weekend I will be updating on a ton of stuff that has happened over the last week & a half; from the move to the new house, Easter & Brayden's 1st over night stay with JuJu & PaPa, Brayden's 8 month photos & stats & also my Q&A I did a while back (if anyone has any other questions for Lance & I ask away).  I am excited that I can finally upload all of the pictures for these occasions to our computer & to my blog!!

Now for the critical part; why do I pick myself apart in every way, shape & form all of the time....especially in pictures?  Here are a few more of the pictures Lance's sister took for us on Sunday & I hate the way I look in all of them!!  I hate my hair & the fact that my ear is sticking through it in most of these pictures, I hate how horrible my crows feet look when I smile not to mention I have bags under my eyes for some reason, I hate my outfit (which by the way I thought looked great when I put it on that morning), I hate my smile & my teeth.........I hate everything!!  I have picked these pictures apart a million different ways & just don't understand why I do that to myself & NEED to stop the insanity & in the future just look & them & NOT study them so closely.


Song of the Day: Billy Joel "She's Always A Woman"