Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Do Things Have To Be So Complicated??

Over the weekend we had to have AT&T come out for the second time to fix our phone lines & internet service & as I stated yesterday we still don't have internet service so as you can see they did not fix it & we actually might have to switch providers & the whole situation is just frustrating!!

I called AT&T a week before we moved to let them know that we were moving & that we needed our service transferred to our new house; the woman on the phone was very nice & took care of everything.......so I thought. We moved in & when I plugged the phones in there was no dial tone so I made the service call & out they came to get it all taken care of; we did have to schedule another appointment with them to get all of the wiring issues in order (I had to get Brayden from school so I didn't have the 2 hours that he needed that day). So the second guy comes out & he is supposed to make sure that all of the phone lines are up & running & he does HOWEVER he can't do our internet because in that neighborhood a modem is not necessary & they have to come out & do something to the phone jack in the office……I know that the AT&T service guy could tell that I was upset & he apologized for not being able to help me but unfortunately I didn’t really take the apology very well & got on the phone with AT&T again to set up our 3rd appointment & this is when I lost it!

The lady on the phone told me that our internet service was never put in the transfer order in their system & because the service guy had already come out that they would have to wait until that order was cleared out of their system before another service tech could come out & that would be about a week……….HUH??? I tried to stay calm (I mean it wasn’t her fault) but then she said oh wait the neighborhood that you moved into needs a different type of installation so hold on let me transfer you to another department (mind you I had already been transferred twice before this) so I said “Can you please stay on the line & help explain what is going on to the next department?”, she said sure & I was so happy she did stay on the line the next person that came on the line was going to charge me $99 to have someone come out & do the damn installation……..anyway we got everything taken care of & they were going to call today to set up the appointment for today since we had had so many issues.

I got off the phone with AT&T & called Lance to let him know what was going on & needless to say he was pissed & asked for the number so that he could call & make sure that they would really be able to do a same day appointment on Tuesday. Well, in the mist of his conversation with the lady she tells him that not only do we have to have the guy come out but the line is not a good/fast as it was when we were using their modem & to top it off it still cost the same amount to have the slower line installed………Lance told them to just cancel the damn internet all together & told them that we would probably be switching all of our services from them because of their incompetence! I know that sounds harsh but we talked to how many different people about what we needed & they never got it right & each time we called we were told another piece of the puzzle; it is all very frustrating & all I want to do is get on line from the comfort of my home but now I have to call & find out who else can provide us with internet service!!  I really only use the computer at home for bills, photos & blogging but those are things I enjoying doing when I do get "me time"; I have so much to catch up on here but everything I want to post I want to upload photos & can't get them off the damn computer............I haven't done my Q&A for weeks ago, I haven't posted B's 8 month pictures, Easter, not to mention I need to email photos to get my main page updated because Brayden has changed so much...........but I can't because the pictures are on the damn computer that I can't email from!!!

Sorry & thank you for letting me vent………here are some more of the photos Lance’s sister took on Sunday!!

This is little man & his Aunt Cindy (she took all the photos)

Biggest Most Beautiful Blue Eyes

B & His Daddy

Walking Like A Big Boy!

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