Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You Asked & I Am Finally Getting To Answer...Part 1!

What is your favorite quality in your husband?
His huge heart; he is the most loving & caring man that I have ever met & would give the shirt off of his back to me, Brayden, a family member, friend or even a stranger!!

What do you enjoy most about being a mommy?
Watching Brayden's personality develop each day hour that passes by as does the ever growing love I have for him. I knew that I always wanted to have children but from the day he was conceived, too the day he was born, too today my love for him has grown & grown. I just never knew I would ever be able to love like this!!

What is one of your most favorite childhood memories that you will try to recreate for Brayden?
I would like to have B & I watch a movie every Christmas like my mom & I used too; it was very special to me & made me feel like my mom was all mine for the hour & a half. We would watch "White Christmas" together as the turkey cooked & smelled the house up. I know that he is a boy & will probably be outside doing something with his dad but I hope that he & I have special moments like that too!!

What is something you loved and hated about being pregnant?
Hate if you want too but I didn't hate anything about being pregnant; I never got sick, never once could I not eat, I didn't get any stretch marks (I think because all I did was guzzle water & rub lotion on my whole body), I didn't get hemorrhoids, I didn't swell to much (it was summer of course I did a bit but nothing major) & yes he was a week late & I was over being a waddling pregnant lady but it was a great time. I think my favorite thing about being pregnant was the closeness I felt to Brayden; from day one it was just he & I & I felt like the luckiest mom in the world!

Now if you were to ask what I hated about after he was born I will say MY BODY & the ways that it has changed!! I am not a twenty something mom so things just didn't pop back into place & I have worked to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight & size but everything just seems different. Lance says that I am more beautiful so I made him an appointment to go see the eye doctor :)

What does a typical day look like for you?
3:30 - Wake & get ready for work
4:30 - Feed & let dogs out & make B's lunch & bottles for the day (if I didn't make Lance & I's the night before I do ours as well)
5-5:30 - Brayden wakes up STARVING
5:30-6:20 - feed, dress, play with B
5:45 - wake Lance up so that he can shower & get ready for work & be able to watch little man
6:20 - leave for work
7-4 - WORK, WORK, and WORK (run any & all errands at lunch)
4 - Leave to pick B up
4:30-4:45 - Arrive at B's school & see that smiling little boy & he again amazes me & melts my heart (this is the best part of my day!!)
5 - get home & B is STARVING
5:15-7 - Feed, bath, play, read & bottle for B
5:30 - Feed the pups & let them in & out to potty
After 7 - Make dinner & lunches for Lance & I, play & love on the pups, clean up the house & laundry, if B's food is low make more (I try to do on Sunday's but sometimes B eats more & we run out), & try to have some ME time......but it never really happens
8:30 to whenever - Wait for Lance to get home to try & spend a few minutes with him before I pass out from exhaustion (Brayden is getting better at STTN but it is not an every nght thing yet)

More to come..........stay tuned!!