Friday, April 2, 2010

Today Is "The" Day!!!

We are finally closing today at 2; I wish I had time to WOO HOO & celebrate but I don't. We are closing then coming home or going straight to get B depending on the time & then we are going back & forth all night with loads of stuff so that we are ready for the movers in the am. I am hoping & praying that the moving doesn't run too late so that we can relax with B on his 8 month birthday for a bit Saturday evening BUT once he is down for the night we begin the unpacking :). It is going to be a very long night tonight & day tomorrow but I can not wait to get into the house not to mention we will be staying there for the first time tomorrow night so we will have B's 1st Easter celebration there!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & I will post pictures soon :)

Please excuse the food on his face; he LOVES peas..........can you tell??

Song of the Day: Linkin Park & Jay-Z - In The End\Izzo