Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st Birthday Party - Part Two

It all started with this invitation; it set the tone for Brayden's 1st Birthday party & was used to plan almost the entire party; a huge thank you to Karyn at Pixel Perfect Boutique!!

We actually bid on this jump house at a silent auction at Brayden's daycare; the silent auction purchase included the jump house, a snow cone machine & a game for the kids; all of these things were a huge hit at the party & I am so happy that we had them!!

Even with our bulldog decided to join in the fun!
The big polar bear in this photo is the snow cone machine & since it was a bazillion degrees that day the kids & adults both enjoyed the fact that we had it.  Kool Bounce was already bringing the jump house, game & snow cone machine so we also rented tents & tables from them for the afternoon. I wanted everyone to be able to sit, eat & watch the kids play so we needed to provide shade in order for that to happen; they came to the house & set everything up & then at the end of the day cleaned it all up as well. 
Here is my sis & my nephew.......I am so happy that they could make B's party!!  I wish I had a better picture of the banner behind them but this one is the best one.  I won a $25 Party Starters custom order gift certificate from Kim's Frost Me blog giveaway & used it to get this banner.  I sent Pam the invite & she used the pendent shapes for the banner since they matched the ones on the invite perfectly; she also made in the theme colors & used the Georgia Bulldog face as well & it turned out PERFECT!!
I didn't get a close up picture the day of the party but we hung Brayden's monthly pictures outside so everyone could see him as he grew.  I actually made these myself & thought that they turned out pretty well; all I did was use scrapbook paper in his party theme colors, glued them & then punched a hole in the top & bottom so that I could string them through with ribbon.  I tied the top to the inside of the tent & then used a balloon weight at the bottom so that they wouldn't fly around............not to bad right??  They are hanging in my craft closet now because I want to save them.
Lance was the grill master that day & I thank him very much for doing it since it was 105 degrees & there was barely a breeze.........he was sweating up a storm but cooked delicious cheeseburgers, hot dogs & chicken perfectly!!  We also served my moms famous potato salad & pasta salad, veggies & wheat thins (tomato basil) w/my yummy spinach dip, fruit, my mother in laws fabulous cheese & strawberry preserve spread, potato chips & baked beans..........YUMMY!!
Here is Brayden's Birthday cake we decided that we would make cupcakes for his party instead of an actual cake.  My dad was prepared to make him the smash cake that Christina featured in the Inspiration Boards I posted about here but we ran out of time that week so we did 3 large cupcakes with the pudding filling a bunch of small ones.  I say we made them but my dad really did do all of the work!!
Here the candy station (which was a hit with everyone); it was quite hard to find red, black & white candy but I think that it all turned out quite nice.  I ordered the White Chocolate Covered "B" & "1" Oreo Pops as well as the Chocolate Covered Oreo's that are surrounding the large cup cake from Sweetie's by Kim & also ordered the M&M's that you can have personalized in red, black & white.  We tried to make the dog bone sugar cookies but as you can see they didn't really turn out that great.........tasted great but looked nothing like dog bones!!  For the cupcake toppers & candy bar wrappers I went back to Pixel Perfect Boutique since she did such a great job on the invite & could match it with with these items too!!
I found these cute candy favor boxes at Michael's & put a thank you sticker that I ordered from Karyn at Pixel Perfect on them & loved the way they looked!
I tried very hard to get Brayden to wear this adorable hat but he just wouldn't; every time we would put it on
he would rip it right off.  It matched his birthday shirt though & that he had no problem wearing; I found these on Etsy as well; Sprinkles of Love.
The party was great & I think that Brayden really enjoyed everything; I know that he won't remember this party but I hope that when he gets older & looks at all the pictures that he sees that it was a fun time & we tried to make it as special as we possibly could!!

I did order the table center pieces featured the Inspiration Boards from Blume Box but ordered them late so they arrived a few days after the party...........they are sitting in my craft closet just waiting to be used at the couples baby shower we are throwing in October!!!!