Wednesday, August 4, 2010

90 Day Budget Boot Camp - Challenge #5 Update

I’m Budget Boot Camp Challenger!
Organize Coupons
Now that you have your coupons, pick a way to organize them and start a system. Talk about the different organization systems you considered and show/describe the one you finally selected. How time consuming was it to first organize your coupons? Do you think it will get better now that you have a system in place? Pros/cons of the system you selected? Plus, discuss your experience.

I am so used to being able to organize anything & everything but I have to admit that this has been one of the hardest things I have ever tried to organize.  At first I thought that clipping & organizing in a coupon organizer was the way to go but then when I was doing that part I was wondering what I was going to do about the coupons that I had uploaded online onto my Kroger Plus card; I mean how was I going to remember what was on there??  Thus began a lenghty night of figuring it all out.........

I looked over all the coupons that I had clipped, printed out, received in the mail & added to my Kroger card & decided that what would work best for me is to make my grocery list & then pull out all of the coupons that I have for the items that I needed before I even head out to the store.  It seemed to work really well for me this past weekend & I am sure that as time goes on I will get more used to doing it & it won't be as time consuming.  As most of you know, having a walking 1 year old tends to take up the majority of my day so I am having to do as much as I can when he naps & after he is in bed & I had a few late nights getting everything researched & organized but last night I made a list of a few things that we were in need of & pulled the coupons & it only took about 15 minutes so there is hope for me yet.......... 

What's Next??? 
Challenge #6
Buy only products on sale and that you have a coupon for, excluding dairy, meats, and produce which often offers no coupons. For these products, you can only buy products on sale. Discuss if this was a challenge for you? Did it effect the quality of food you purchased? Plus your experience and if you were successful or not.