Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brayden's Birthday @ Chuck E Cheese.......

When I posted Brayden's 12 month pictures here I mentioned that he wasn't feeling well but that didn't stop him from enjoying his 1st ever Chuck E Cheese birthday experience later that evening.  My family drove in from VA Beach that afternoon so we went up to Chuck E Cheese so that we could celebrate Brayden's birthday but also so that my nephews could have some fun after being in the car for 9 hours!

Brayden fell in love with the slide & was not afraid of the animatronic Chuck E. at all; he was however a little unsure of the real one that came out later in the evening.  He loved to ride all the little cars they had for the toddlers & walked around like he owned the place.  We all ate way to much junk food but had a great time celebrating the birth of Brayden Lance Goodson!!

I have not forgotten to post his stats BUT what I did forget is to make his 1 year appointment way in advance since all the school kids had to get their shots before starting this school year...........his appointment is August 19th!!