Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Monday........

was a disaster I all day I just wanted to crawl back into bed BUT it was still better to be home with our little guy than to be working :)

I think that Brayden is getting a tooth so he has been having belly issues & also waking up throughout the night; he has been putting himself back to sleep all on his own but not Sunday night.  He was screaming bloody murder at 3am so I went in to check on him & once I picked him up, changed him (the night before he peed right through his diaper so I thought I should change it so he can maybe sleep in later that morning) & then started rocking him he was quited down but seemed wide away so I rocked him for a while just to make sure he was alright.  I laid him back down & he went back to sleep around 4am; I had my alarm set so I could get up & get bunch of stuff done before he was up again but slept right through it (which I NEVER do) & therefore Lance got up late for work & the day was off to a horrible start!!

Lance got out the door & B & I were not too far behind.  We were off to bank, the grocery store & Costco & then home in time for lunch & nap.............or so I thought!!  I was driving down the road like always & when I turned to check on B he had something all over his face; I thought it was spit up or throw up but as I looked closer at him it was POOP!!  His diaper blew out & he was playing in it & apparently eating it too!  It was so gross but I couldn't pull over just yet so when I got to the bank I stopped the car got his diaper & clothes changed & cleaned him using a whole thing of wipes, I pulled the padding part of his car off since it too was covered in poop & then wiped the straps off & we were on our way again.  I was frazzled at this point but I was hell bent on getting our errands run.  Oh yeah & I did give him some juice to wash his mouth out with!!

We got to Kroger & I realized that I forgot his snack when he started to get really fussy so I had to buy & open some Cheerios's & gave him those to calm him down.  By the end of this I was done & just headed home; we did lunch & then laid him down for a nap a bit early since I could tell he was just exhausted.  I started another load of laundry & then jumped in the shower & started to relax & feel better but then about 45 minutes later he was up crying!  I thought he would put himself back to sleep but I was wrong; he only slept an hour so the rest of the day he was a tired mess.  He went down early last night & I just wanted to crash myself but it was Lance's 33rd Birthday so I wanted to make his birthday dinner as of Meatloaf & Loaded Mashed as requested.

We ate dinner & just laughed about the day & were in bed by 9pm; it was a crazy day but I was happy that at the end of it all I had my healthy little boy snoring & my another year older hubby right beside me & I felt like the luckiest woman on the face of the earth!!!