Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20 Months.....HUH??

In only a little over a month our little boy will become a big brother & in a little less than 4 months he will be a 2 year old young boy (I will be posting about his possible party themes very soon); how crazy is that???  It seems as though he is growing up before our very eyes (yes I say this every month, but it is true) & even though this is inevitable it makes me sad.  I mean of course I am thrilled & love watching the little person that he is turning into but as his mother I also see it as loosing my baby boy slowly but shirley.  Before I know it he will be at the bus stop with his friends telling me that I can go away now & no I can't give him a hug good-bye let alone a kiss on the cheek.

He is such an angel & has the best disposition; yes there are days where all he does is scream at me when I tell him "no" for the 50th time about the same thing & of course there are moments when I look at him & see his fathers short fuse & ability to get frustrated at the drop of a dime BUT mainly I see our little boy who has a heart of gold & a smile that warms our hearts without fail.

We are thinking that once his vocabulary becomes more diverse & he uses words to let us know what he needs or wants instead of grabbing our hands & leading us to  or in the direction of it that his frustration will slowly become less of an issue & so will ours.  He says a ton of words but not on a frequent basis & not all of the time.  I am sure that in no time at all I will be posting about how I wish he would stop talking & asking me stuff over & over again.

He is a typical little boy & loves to play outside & get dirty & also has started to stick his hands down his pants (thankfully not into his diaper all that often though).  I am not sure what prompted him to start doing it but he will do it at the end of each day when we are settling down for the night.  I have to admit it makes me smile each & every time he does it but I am worried that he is going to have a nice fresh poop in his diaper one day & do it & that will make for quite a clean up!  

Thankfully the nice weather has returned & we can venture outside to play again; last week was cold & rainy & he has no concept of why we can't go out & play in those conditions or maybe he just doesn't care that he will get wet & catch a cold.  He will go into the garage, pull out each & every toy that he has in there & play with each one for a minute or 2 & then we go to the back yard to see the pups & then we go back to the front yard & we do this over & over for hours.  His little face lights up when the next door neighbors little girl is out playing & tried to grab her hand & play but she wants nothing to do with him since she is a bit shy.  

He has been staying up until 8-8:45 each night & has been sleeping in a bit later too.  He is getting in his back molars (I think) but over all has been sleeping like a champ.  He is still in size 5 diapers, wearing size 6 shoes & 2T shirts & 18-24 month pants & shorts (the 2T's are too big in the waist but fit everywhere else).  He has become a tad bit of a picky eater when he actually wants to eat & has started to like dipping his foods in ketchup & ranch dressing.  Even though his appetite seems to have shrunk (probably because of his incoming teeth) he is still a pretty good eater overall.  He will still eat about half of his veggies, most of his meat & all of the bread/roll & fresh fruit that he gets at each meal.  I don't worry to much about his appetite because he is eating enough to have endless hours of energy!!

He still loves to read & we do his story time before his nap since he is addicted to Toy Story & prefers to watch a movie before bed.  I am actually shocked that he watches them all the way through but he usually does each & every night.  Both of the pups are always where ever he is at all times; Bella likes to play with him & Georgia just seems to like to keep an eye on him & is not so into the play time thing.

We still do a binky at nap & bed time & sometimes I give in at the end of the day & let him have it a bit early while he is just "chillin" on the floor.  Our goal used to be to have it gone for good by 18 months but that flew by so  now with out a doubt it will be gone by the time he is 2; this might be a little harder than it would have been at 18 months since Colton will probably have one but it is in the plan as a must do by 2!!  We were going to convert his bed into the toddler but but have decided to hold off since he hasn't attempted to get out of his crib in quite a while; he will put his leg up on the front every once & a while but hasn't attempted to really "escape" in a while.  I know that I posted here that he got out of his pack n play at his JuJu & PaPa's

Brayden is thriving, growing, & learning so much each & everyday & like I said he is such an angel & we are truly blessed.  He makes us laugh with is crazy ways & continues to shine light a bright star with everything & every where he goes.  I can't wait to see the changes from this month to the next & just pray that he loves his new little brother & doesn't have to difficult of a time adjusting to his arrival & the changes that will ensue.

We love you so much little man & thank you so much for making each & everyday special, fun & full of laughter!!