Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Got Nothin........

I have swollen feet & calves, heartburn from hell & my belly is growing by the second I think but as for blog inspiration........I Got Nothin.  I feel like I have nothing to offer to the blogging world these days & feel like I have lost all inspiration to even "do" it.  I feel like I am so busy with all of the last month/minute baby errands & small stuff getting done around the house that I have no "me time" to do what I like or even what I want to do & that includes blogging.  I feel like there are so many things & errands that have to get done that I can't even get our house cleaned (which is a "me time" thing & I love doing) & that is driving me crazy too.  Since I am a neat freak a messy house has never been something that I have been able to just "let go" or "accept".

Don't get me wrong things are going great with my pregnancy & Lance & I are happy & getting back on track with a little less stress, B is wonderful & we are ready & excited for Colton's impending arrival it's just (& I know that this sounds selfish but) I just want a moment to myself, with my thoughts & maybe a bath & maybe even time to read a bit in 2 books I just ordered..........but who am I kidding I would fall asleep if I tried to read something right now.  Maybe it is not that I have lost my inspiration, maybe I am just exhausted.  The word sleep is not even in my vocabulary anymore & I am up & down all night every night; it's not like I'm not tired because I am I just can't sleep.  I have a ton of energy during the day but once 8pm strikes on the clock I am done; B has been staying up until 8-8:45 but once he is down so am I.  I think I have actually gotten used to less sleep & stopped complaining about to Lance a few weeks ago.  I have stopped trying to figure out why it is happening all together & am just taking it for what it is BUT maybe that is why I feel like I have no inspiration.........maybe!!

Maybe I am just at the end of the pregnancy & just feeling blah because of hormones; I don't know but I just wanted to say sorry & hopefully I will find blog inspiration soon :)  Until then I will leave you with some photos of B; we got him a small(er) trampoline for our backyard since he loves big one at his JuJu & PaPa's house!  He came home to it Sunday afternoon & LOVES it.