Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under the Weather.......

B woke up yesterday & didn't quite seem himself but was in a good mood so I just thought that he just wasn't quite awake just yet BUT THEN I picked him up & he was a little ball of fire.  I took his temperature & it was 100.9 so I gave him Tylenol & we just took it easy all day; we ran a few errands (on the off chance Colton does decide to come) but mainly we relaxed & watch movies all afternoon.

The fact that B actually sat still & laid down for all of this really makes me understand that he wasn't feeling well since he NEVER sits & does anything nor does he ever want to stay inside.  He was also very clingy & wanted me right by his side all day yesterday & even though he is generally a very loving little guy this was different & I didn't mind it one bit.  I did however get worried because his fever spiked pretty high (103.1) right before I laid him down for the night but as I checked him throughout the night he was too warm.

Brayden always goes to the back or garage doors & asks to go out & play so I know that our little guy was not well yesterday & can only pray that he wakes up better today!!!