Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Busy Weekend w/Quite A Scare

Friday we went to meet B's Aunt Cindy do that we could finish our maternity photos; it was the best day & I can't wait to see the photos that CK Photography captured of B & I.  After the photos were finished we just hung out at Cindy's; we don't really get to see them that often so when we do we always have a great time & I have said this before B LOVES his cousins!!

Yesterday B & I went over to his JuJu's house first thing in the morning because we were heading to a baby shower later that afternoon & it was easier for B to nap there & then for us to ride together since it was about an hour & 15 minutes away.  We had a great morning & B got to play on the trampoline which has become the "thing to do" at PaPa & JuJu's house since he figured out just how fun it is.  He jumps pretty well on it & it is just so much fun to watch him!

After he played for a while it was time for his nap; he had already gone into their room & grabbed all of his stuff (blanket, binky, sound machine, & seahorse) & was laying on the kitchen floor so I walked him up the his pack & play.  I laid him down, told him I loved him, left the door cracked (I always do this when I first lay him down when he is there so I won't have to open the door when I check on him) & walked back downstairs.  I thought I kept hearing something about 5 minutes later but then I just thought I was hearing things but then thought I should check on him just in case & as I walked around the corner from the kitchen to towards the stairs there he was standing there at the bottom of the stairs!!  He had climbed out of his pack n play & walked down the stairs all by himself!!

I am not sure how he did it with out falling but I just thank God that he did!!  My heart was beating out of my chest & I ran to him, scooped him up & hugged him tightly & all he did was look at me like I was crazy & like he didn't know why I was scared.  All of he "what ifs" were going through my head & it took about an hour for my heart to slow down & for me to actually calm down.  I can only thank God for looking over him & his pack n play will no longer be upstairs at his JuJu & PaPa's house..........NEVER AGAIN!!!

He laid down & took his nap just fine the 2nd time he was laid  down; we checked on him a billion times!!

He took a shorter nap but that was alright & then we were off to the shower; he was a trooper & handled the afternoon very well.  He watched his DVD player (i.e. Toy Story) while we ate & did presents & then we went to a little park so he could run around before our journey back home.

(photo taken by CK Photography)

This is the expecting mommy & daddy.........aren't they the cutest??  They are due a few weeks after we are & they are expecting a little girl!!

(photo taken by CK Photography)

I dropped JuJu & B off at her house (he spent the night last night) & Lance & I headed to the movies for a date; we saw Matthew McConaughey's new movie Lincoln Lawyer.  It was fun to get out just he & I & the movie was good too; other than the fact that I spilled the warm buttery popcorn all over us & my purse we had a great time & laughed like e haven't in quite a while!!  It has been a great weekend so far & we have had a busy Sunday morning working outside in the lawn & getting some much needed stuff done around the house.  I miss little butt & can't wait for him to get home though!!!!!