Friday, April 22, 2011

Wonderful Park Weather

I feel like I have haven't posted anything about what we have been up to around here in so long that I don't even know where to begin.  I feel like we have been so busy but also feel like not much has really been going on; does that even make sense?  Mainly we have been enjoying the amazing weather & preparing for Colton's arrival (which for Lance & I means getting a crazy amount of things done & taken care of around the house & I will post on that separately).

I don't know if I have talked about this yet but Lance switched jobs & it now at a dealership closer to home; the hours are longer than they were before but it is a better fit for him & since he is only 5 minutes away from work we see him almost everyday for lunch.  It is was a hard decision for he & I to make but we made the right choice for our family & that is what is most important.  With that being said; I will again say the hours are really long & that means B & I get most of our days (& nights) together just he & I so we have been enjoying the beautiful weather & getting outside as much as possible.

We have been to the park a good bit these past few weeks; our little boy is defiantly all boy all the time & enjoys climbing, running, jumping & whatever else he can do outside & I LOVE to watch him play.  He is getting more & more daring with each visit to the park & attempts to do more & more all by his little self........which is kind of scary.  He is so independent & wants to do it all on his own all of the time but doesn't seem to understand that he is still little & needs help sometimes.

He walked over to the big section of the playground & climbed p to this big slide like it was nothing; thankfully he let me slide down with him since there was no one at the bottom to catch him.

I love that I get so much time with B & am cherishing every single moment of it since soon there will be 2 little boys in my life that need me & my time will be split.  Lance & I have talked about the fact that B & I will be able to get to the park less since packing up 2 little ones is so much harder than just one toddler so we are looking at a play ground type thing for our backyard in the next few weeks.  We are hoping to get one picked out & here to the house before Colton arrives so that Lance & my dad can get it put together.  We think that B will love it & that it will help with the transition a tad bit too but picking one out is becoming quite a chore.  We don't want to pick one out that is too big but we also don't want to get one that B will out grow next year since they are quite pricey.............decisions, decisions, decisions!  I'll make sure you see which one we chose when we finally make our decision.